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The most famous festivals in
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In San Miniato, as in any city of ancient origins, festivals, palio and festivals have been handed down for generations! Each season has its own festival that draws visitors from all over the city streets to stroll, admire and tastes the traditions of San Miniato! Below we list the most famous which we recommend to participate at least once!

List of various events in chronological order

Events, Exhibitions and Traditions in San Miniato

Every first Sunday of the month

1Antiques Market

On the first Sunday of the month in San Miniato it is possible to stroll among the stalls offering antiques or collectibles such as books, watches, furniture, objects and other curiosities! The market starts from Piazza Dante Alighieri, runs along Corso Garibaldi, reaches Piazza del Popolo and ends under the arcades of San Domenico.

Every third Sunday of the month


Every third Sunday of the month, in Piazza Dante Alighieri and under the arcades of San Domenico, the Mercatale takes place, the market organized by the producers of the Samminiatese area. Here you can sell and buy zero-kilometer fruit and vegetables.


3Children’s carnival

The children’s carnival is the most awaited party of the year by kids: masks and allegorical floats parade in San Miniato Basso to the delight of all! The event ends with the “Flight of Pinocchio” where a wooden statue depicting the famous puppet is tied to balloons and released into the sky. Together with him a letter destined for those who will find Pinocchio once he has landed.

First Sunday after Easter

4Kites festival

Since 1968, every first Sunday after Easter, the famous Kite Festival has been held in San Miniato, a unique event where hundreds of kites take off in the morning from Prato della Rocca! Most of these masterpieces are handmade according to the ancient tradition that includes river reeds, tissue paper, string and glue made with flour and water. In the afternoon, however, the parade of the Historical Parade takes place and then the launch of hot air balloons with messages of peace for the children: at the end of the event the Auction of Painted Kites takes place at Palazzo Roffia. Throughout the day it is also possible to participate to the Flower Market Exhibition in Piazza della Repubblica (better known as Piazza del Seminario).

Mid-August Week

5Palio di San Rocco pellegrino

Festival del pensiero popolare

This festival takes place in the week of August in Scioa district of which San Rocco is the protector. A summer event to discover the lesser known places of the historic center and dedicated to contemporary and popular culture with music, theater, events, food, games and much more!


6La Luna è Azzurra

Another well-known summer event in San Miniato is “La Luna è Azzurra” a festival with traveling shows that animate the main places of the city! Theaters, puppets, bizarre characters, fairy tales and much more are waiting for you to spend a few hours together under the banner of magic and fantasy, capturing both adults and children!


7La Notte Nera

During summer, the medieval village of San Miniato comes alive to celebrate the Black Summer Truffle, the star of June/September season. The historic center is full of initiatives, open shows, shops and restaurants ready to make you taste the delicacies of our lands!

June 24th

8Fuochi di San Giovanni

The night of San Giovanni is one of the most magical nights since the dawn of time. Flowers are collected to be kept immersed in water all night and then in the morning you washed the face with, the “sailing ships” are made inside a flask with egg white and … In San Miniato a bonfire is lit in the square of Prato della Rocca! A unique spectacle at the highest point of the city where you can greet the summer solstice by burning bundles of ears tied with a head of garlic. From the lawn you can admire a beautiful sunset and stroll through history, tradition and small rificolone brought by children!


9 Popular Drama

In July, the Popular Drama, the oldest production festival in Italy, delights spectators every year with unique shows surrounded by the wonderful setting of Piazza del Prato del Duomo. The topics dealt with belong to the “theater of the spirit”, that is to say an interior search for the meaning of life. Among some of the most famous names who have trod the scenes we can find Carla Fracci, Giancarlo Giannini, Remo Girogni, Simone Cristicchi and many others, not to mention the many authors of the texts among which the figure of the pope Karol Wojtyla stands out.


10National white truffle exhibition

In November, for three weekends, the season of the prized White Truffle is celebrated! A unique event that attracts people from all over Europe who choose San Miniato to taste one of our typical products. San Miniato still holds the record for the largest white truffle ever found in history in 1954 and even today its scent can be felt in every alley thanks to the multitude of stands that sell products based on this wonderful gift of the earth. And then Cooking Show, interviews, celebrities and much more await you to make you spend a day dedicated to the taste and history of one of the most famous festivals in San Miniato!