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Food Photography

Servizio Fotografico Food a San Miniato

Food Photography in San Miniato

The art of Food Photography

Food Photography

Food photography is the artof photographing food, whether gourmet dishes prepared by great chefsor delicious dessertsprepared by the skilled hands of expert pastry chefs or simply a pizza, the important thing is to make them appetizingand irresistibleto the eyes of the customer, in a simple word:


Taking pictures of food is not trivial as it might seems: immortalizingit in dishes, in rustic or elegant rooms, dark or bright ambiences, in natural or artificial light is an operation that requires reasoning and method.

Today, before booking a restaurant, we search on the web for the nearest one, we read the reviews, discover the typical dishes and maybe we book online to take advantage of a discount.

In the era of social media and web, the quality of images is the basics of a good communication plan.

The art of preparing a set for your dishes

Food Styling

Improve your Company and apply the right rates
What’s the point of investing in the “mise en place” and marvelous furnishings if your customers can’t even perceive it in front of a monitor? It’s exactly on the photos that your customers decides to book your restaurant. To economize on images will make all the investments made useless and the only solution to work will be to focus on discounted offers.
Catch the attention of the public and distinguish your Company from the competitors
Every day millions of users search the web for new places to satisfy their gluttony! How can you help them? Whether you are a restaurant, a pizzeria or a pastry shop you can get help from a professional photographer who will help you create emotional images in order to attract their attention!
Increase bookings and get more profits
The images you use to promote your restaurant, as well as positively influencing booking decisions, are able to improve the ranking of your ads on portals. It’s not a coincidence that restaurants with quality photos of ambiences and dishes are always in the top positions among the most chosen by customers.

Who will do the photo service?

Hello, I’m Stefano and I’ve been a professional photographer for 10 years now.
Photography has always been my great passion and over the years my photos have won many competitions, even internationally, and have been selected as “photos of the day” by the editors of National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine.
In addition to naturalistic photos I also deal with Interior Photography for Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Farmhouses, Bed & Breakfast and apartments, Food Photography for Restaurants, Catering, Pizzerias, Pastry Shops and Chefs, Corporate Photography for Companies and Industries and Family Photography for children and families.

“The desire to discover, the desire to excite, the taste to capture: three concepts that sum up the art of photography” cit.

Stefano Coltelli Photographer

Stefano Coltelli

Image module
Awards Winner

momondo Bloggers’ Open World Awards 2018
Nature Best Backyards 2014, 2017
International Garden Photographer of the Year 2015, 2016
Finalist at Travel Photographer of the year 2012, 2015, 2016
Finalist Smithsonian Photo Contest 2014
International Filter Photo Contest Kenko Tokina
International Color Awards
Finalist Siena International Photo Awards 2015, 2017, 2018

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