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What to do in San Miniato? Can we say anything ?? Yes, we say it! You will have the opportunity to walk outdoors with a breathtaking view and visit some famous historical places, or enjoy a delicious sandwich sitting on a bench or have dinner in one of our famous restaurants, perhaps with a good tagliolino whit white truffle from San Miniato!

Every first Sunday of the month the historic center hosts the craft market and shops are open to buy souvenirs or delicacies from our area, while in November you can participate to the famous “Truffle Exhibition” where you will have the opportunity to taste and buy our delicious truffle.. And not only! Not to mention the “Popular Drama” during summer, the “Luna è Azzurra” and much more!
San Miniato is waiting to be discovered!

Stemma San Miniato, Pisa

On the streets of San Miniato

What to do in San Miniato

Guided tour in the historical center

San Miniato and its History

San Miniato has so much to offer and it will be an honor to take you to discover this beautiful medieval city. The meeting point, where you will have a first historical briefing, will be in Piazza del Prato del Duomo, where we will visit the oldest part of the city which includes many historical buildings.
We will reach the highest part of the city dominated by the majestic Tower of Federico II: once climbed to the top, you’ll enjoy a beautiful 360-degree panoramic view of the whole valley!
Returned to the historical center, we’ll visit the Church of Santissimo Crocifisso and then move to Piazza della Repubblica where we could observe the famous Palace of the Episcopal Seminary. Our tour will end in Piazza del Popolo where we’ll visit the Church of San Domenico with a very particular fresco inside.

Guided Tour of the historical center and the Vicoli Carbonari

Discover San Miniato

What would a medieval city be without its “secret passages”? With this tour you will have the opportunity to visit a little known route, which will allow you to enjoy a wonderful view from another angulation of San Miniato: the Charcoal Alley. Our guided tour will start from Via Carducci, where we will walk along this beautiful alley brought back to life by the great organization of the “Moti Carbonari” association and the citizens of San Miniato.
After our walk we’ll visit the beautiful Church of Santissimo Crocifisso, and the Piazza del Prato del Duomo, the oldest part of the city which includes many historic buildings.
We’ll reach the highest part of the city where we will have the opportunity to rest a bit in the shadow of the majestic Tower of Federico II: once climbed to the top, you’ll enjoy a beautiful 360-degree panoramic view of the whole valley!
Once back in the historic center, we’ll pass in front of the beautiful Palace of the Episcopal Seminary and our visit will end in Piazza del Popolo where we could visit the Church of San Domenico with a very particular fresco inside.

Discover the taste and the secrets of the truffle of San Miniato

Truffle Hunting

San Miniato is also famous for its delicious white truffle! So why not give yourself a unique experience that you will remember over the years? Among the luxuriant hills of San Miniato we will be able to offer you the famous Truffle Hunting where, guided by an experienced truffle hunter and his dog, we will try to find the famous Gold of the Earth!

Our tour will begin in a pre-established meeting place where we would have a first meeting in which we will show you what we are going to do and how we should behave. Later, with our own vehicles, we will go to the woods where we will look for truffles! The hunt lasts approximately an hour in which you will be transported to a magical world where nature reigns supreme: you will learn stories and legends and learn all about this famous tuber which has been considered since the time of the ancient Greeks, delicious and aphrodisiac!

Once we have finished our trip, we will say goodbye, otherwise you can choose other options: have lunch with the truffle you found in one of the most delicious restaurants in San Miniato and then give yourself a guided tour in the medieval village!

Guided tour in the historical center of San Miniato and visit to a local winery

Guided Tour and Wine Tasting

When we look at San Miniato, we are observing a piece of history, a city born thousands of years ago, full of charm! What we propose is a beautiful visit among its famous alleys and buildings, to enjoy this small medieval village that still today smells of history, ancient events, legends and much more!

But since San Miniato is not only a land of history and truffles, but also of good wine, why not to taste some of the most delicious wines in some of the most famous wineries in our area to enjoy this delicious nectar? Our winemakers are very proud of their productions and will be happy to accompany you on small tours through the beautiful vineyards that color our hills, telling you stories of their family production that, generation after generation, continues to give us the best wine in Tuscany!

You will have the opportunity to taste the finest wines comfortably seated and to savor one of the typical experiences of our area! We are sure you will be fully satisfied, also because afterwards you can buy the wines that you liked the most, to bring home a tasty memory of our wonderful hills!

Join us on a exciting urban adventure and discover the places of San Miniato!

Treasure Hunt

According to legend an old witch hides in the woods in the valley of the city of San Miniato. No one has ever seen her, but it is said that she’s capable of throwing courses only with the power of her mind and that’s why the Saminiatesi are aware of staying away from those woods, nobody wants to meet her!

On a hot summer day, while we were at the library to consult ancient books concerning the history of San Miniato, in the middle of the pages of a manuscript we found this letter written around the 13th century…

Discover with us The Curse of Barbuccia Witch in an exciting treasure hunt in San Miniato that we are sure will win you over!

Will you be able to find the clues hidden around San Miniato to solve the Curse?

Immortalize your romantic marriage proposal!

Engagement in San Miniato

The emotion of an eternal love, bound feelings, of smiles and special memories: this is what we want to offer to couples who love each other!
Immortalize this unique moment forever, that intimacy of the promise that will always remain as an indelible memory thanks to photographs that contain smiles, joyful tears, kisses and caresses!

The Engagement photo service serves to immortalize the exact moment when you pop up the question: “Want to marry me?” That’s the most beautiful and exciting moment and in our suggestive medieval village of San Miniato we’ll let that your love tells a story that, thanks to the wonderful panoramic views, will remain forever in your memories.

Discover San Miniato and Tuscany in fascinating vintage cars

Rent Classic Car

Have you ever thought of taking a nice ride among the beautiful hills surrounding the San Miniato area in Tuscany by rent a classic car?
And why not immortalize that moment to have a beautiful memory of this experience?

We offer you an unforgettable experience: a car ride among our hills with a personal photographer who will immortalize the most beautiful moments of your trip surrounded by beautiful Tuscan panoramas!