Discover some of the most photographed landscapes in Tuscany

What to see in
Crete Senesi

Immortal stunning Tuscan landscapes

Discover what to see in Crete Senesi: in the heart of Tuscany there is a magical place made of hills and cypresses, breathtaking sunsets and sunrises that will leave you speechless.

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Popular destination for photographers
The Crete Senesi is a very famous area located near Siena and every year it’s a popular destination for photographers and tourists from all over the world, ready to photograph a unique landscape that is very similar of the lunar scenario: the surrounding landscape has this particular appearance thanks to the clay present in the ground!
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Hills, valleys and surrounding fields
Hills, valleys and surrounding fields take on this peculiarity because the clay mixed with other elements represents the sea sediments of the Pliocene period, which covered the entire area millions of years ago! It’s possible to admire white hills, deep furrows on the sides of the hills called Calanchi and the Biancane, very clear dome-shaped reliefs.
Obviously in the middle of this particular panorama there are also lush and undulating hills full of tree-lined avenues with cypresses and oaks that lead to some of the most photographed places in Tuscany! Wonderful places that include castles, medieval villages, farms, villas, farmhouses and much more that make the Crete Senesi area a unique place to spend a few days among nature and relax!
Medieval villages
These areas, in addition to wonderful panoramic views, also give the opportunity to visit surrounding medieval villages and towns such as Asciano, Montalcino, Serre di Rapolano, Monteroni d’Arbia, San Giovanni d’Asso, Buonconvento… These are some of the places to visit near the Crete Senesi: medieval villages and places that contain monuments, museums, churches, abbeys and much more where you can also stop to enjoy a hearty lunch (or dinner) in some of the most renowned restaurants in the area, accompanied by an excellent glass of good wine!
Crete Senesi's colors
If your intention is to visit and photograph these wonderful places, each season has its charm! During winter and autumn it’s possible to admire landscapes dominated by cold colors ranging from blue to gray, while during spring it’s possible to enjoy the hills that explode with a beautiful emerald green that will turn into gold during the summer!
Photo Tour
If one of the next trips you are planning is Tuscany, the Crete Senesi are definitely a place that cannot be missing from your list of places to visit! We will be happy to accompany you on a photographic guided tour in one of the most beautiful places in our region, giving you a unique experience to fully enjoy these magnificent lands! Contact us for any information and reservations!

What to see in Crete Senesi

Sunset in the Crete Senesi
Crete Senesi in spring
Crete Senesi at sunrise in spring
Crete Senesi at sunrise
Crete Senesi in summer
Landscapes of the Crete Senesi
Crete Senesi with spring colors
Crete Senesi at sunset in spring
Crete Senesi at sunrise in summer

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