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Hello everyone, I’m Sara! I was born and raised in this wonderful city, at the shadow of the “Rocca” of Frederick II and with the scent of the white truffle. I have many memories related to these places that, still today, gives me wonderful emotions and panoramas. Graduated at Carlo Cattaneo high school in San Miniato, today I work as a tour guide in the beautiful cities of Tuscany and, since art has always been my passion, I try to convey to others the knowledge of our beautiful territory and to make people love art and history! I will accompany you with selected tours especially for you, dedicated to adults and children, to discover the places that made history and gave birth to the most important artists, scientists, inventors who changed the world forever!

“You need to know the past to understand the present and orient the future”
Cit. Thucydides

Sara Morini
Sara Morini
Tour Guide
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Discover the city of San Miniato
One of the most beautiful medieval village of Tuscany!

What is Discover San Miniato? This idea was born from the desire to make you know our wonderful city, which always welcomes us into its loving arms every day! Because in the end San Miniato is all for us and we want you to discover it in all its beauty: we organize for you guided tours and experiences such as treasure hunts and truffle hunting, not to mention the various wine tasting and typical products and photographic services!
The Samminiatesi are very proud of their land and we would like to conquer you too, on a special journey in our medieval village!


What to do in San Miniato

Guided Tour, Truffle and much more!

Your dream wedding in Tuscany

Get married in San Miniato

San Miniato is a small medieval village dating back to the Middle Ages located on the rolling Tuscan hills, a city of rare beauty with splendid buildings, breathtaking views and above all highly experienced local artisans proud to share their passion with couples looking for a romantic place for the their wedding.

Conveniently located for transport links, it’s also called “The city of XX miles” for its central location, about 20 miles from Pisa, Florence, Lucca and Siena.
It’s a village chosen by emperors, popes and leaders: Frederick II, Napoleon Bonaparte, popes Gregory V and Eugene IV, Michel de Montagne, Mary Magdalene of Austria just to name a few.
You will discover fascinating places for the ceremony, villas, farmhouses but also unusual places for weddings such as vineyards and a team of local people expert in their work, craftsmen who blend tradition and innovation.

Curiosities and stories of the medieval village

Stories of San Miniato

The well of Diva Lucida

At the Piazzetta del Fondo, in the basement of the building where the restaurant “Cantina del Fondo” is located, there is a well to which a fascinating legend is linked.

San Miniato and “The night of San Lorenzo”

If you are a movie lover, surely you’ve seen the film “The night of San Lorenzo” by the directors Paolo and Vittorio Taviani. Both born in San Miniato fall in

Weekend in Tuscany among medieval villages

If you are planning a small trip outside the city for the weekend in Tuscany, we strongly recommend you to come and visit the medieval village of San Miniato! In

San Miniato White Truffle National Exhibition

As already mentioned many times between our articles and our experiences, San Miniato, in addition to being a land of history, monuments and culture, is also the land of the

Locations for intimate wedding in Tuscany

You can decide to get married in different ways: with many or few guests, with an intimate or sumptuous ceremony. In this article I would like to tell you about

San Miniato in 80’s Arcade Games

“If you could go back, what era would you choose?” How many times have we heard this question! ! And most of the time, especially from those of our generation,


Main festivals and exhibitions in San Miniato

Events and Traditions