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Who I am

Hello everyone, I’m Sara! I was born and raised in this wonderful city, at the shadow of the “Rocca” of Federico II and with the scent of white truffle. I have many memories related to these places that, even today, gives me wonderful emotions. Graduated from the high school Carlo Cattaneo of San Miniato, I work today as a tour guide in the beautiful cities of Tuscany and, since art has always been my passion, I try to transmit the knowledge of our beautiful territory make people love art and history! I will accompany you with tours dedicated to adults and children, to discover the places that have made history and which gave birth to the most important artists, scientists, inventors who have changed the world forever!

“We need to know the past to understand the present and orient the future”
Cit. Tucidide

Sara Morini
Sara Morini
Tour Guide
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Discover a city of San Miniato
One of the most beautiful medieval villages in Tuscany!

What is Discover San Miniato? This idea stems from the desire to introduce our wonderful city, which always welcomes us in its loving arms every day! Because San Miniato is everything to us and we want you to discover it in all its beauty: we organize guided tours, experiences like treasure hunting and truffle hunting, not to mention the various tastings of wines and typical products and the Engagement photo service!

We are very proud of our land and we are sure will conquer you too, on a journey in our medieval village that you’ll never forget!


What to do in San Miniato

Guided Tours, Truffle Hunting and much more!

Your dream wedding in Tuscany

Getting married in San Miniato

San Miniato is a tiny village dating back the middle age set on the sweet Tuscan hills, it’s a village of rare beauty with amazing buildings, breathtaking views and above all local artisans who made experiences abroad and then came back in their town proud to share it with people looking for a romantic place for their wedding.

Conveniently located for the transportations , also called “the village of the XX miles” for its central location, 20 miles far from Pisa, Florence, Lucca and Siena.
It is a land of blossoming meadows, sinuous hills kissed by the sun, beautiful historical It is a village chosen by imperors, Popes and leaders: Federico II, Napoleone Bonaparte, Popes Gregorio V e Eugenio IV, Michel de Montagne, Maria Maddalena d’Austria just to mention.
You will discover charming locations for the ceremony, villas, agriturismi but also unusual places for weddings such as vineyards and a team of local people expert in their work, artisans blending tradition and innovation.

Curiosities and Stories of the Medieval Village

Stories about San Miniato

The history of Saint Miniato

San Miniato… Our city, a name that we pronounce many times in a year! But have you ever wondered who San Miniato was? Here is the history of Saint Miniato,

Celebrate wedding in San Miniato in Tuscany

When a couple decides to get married, there are 2 crucial moments: choosing the date, the type of wedding and the location for the ceremony. When I think of the

Maria Maddalena of Austria in San Miniato

Coming down from the Convent of San Francesco to reach Piazza Bonaparte, there is a junction between via Angiolo del Bravo and via Pietro Rondoni: on the central building, in

Six reason to visit San Miniato

San Miniato is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany! It’s no coincidence that over the centuries it has been at the center of historical events and also

The Cathedral of San Miniato

The beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta e San Genesio is the principal church of San Miniato and it’s located in the oldest part of the city, overlooking the square

I vicoli carbonai di San Miniato

Il centro storico di San Miniato si sviluppa sul crinale di una collina lungo il quale corrono strade lastricate, racchiuse tra palazzi storici che si susseguono senza interruzioni, o quasi.Fra

Main festivals and exhibitions in San Miniato

Events and Traditions