Your dream wedding in San Miniato in Tuscany

Wedding in San Miniato

Why choosing us amongst many locations in Tuscany?

Why getting married in San Miniato?

Because this is a village of rare beauty with amazing medieval buildings, breathtaking views, and above all highly experienced local craftsmen (chefs, florists, musicians, photographers… and me!) who are proud to share their passion with couples looking for a romantic, one of a kind place for their wedding.

I was born here in San Miniato, and I  love  this town; I will open the doors of this amazing town and help you design your dream destination wedding.

San Miniato is a land of blooming meadows,  rolling hills kissed by the sun and beautiful historical sites, all complimented by amazing food!
It’s a place chosen by emperors, Popes, and leaders: Frederick II, Napoleon Bonaparte, Popes Gregorio V and Eugenio IV, Michel de Montaigne, Maria Maddalena of Austria just to mention a few
You will discover charming locations for the ceremony such as villas, farmhouses  and unique vineyards team of local  artisans will  blend tradition and innovation to create the gorgeous wedding of your dreams.
Days before your wedding, you and your guests will be immersed in our world and will enjoy our favorite experiences and all San Miniato has to offer: treasure hunting throughout the city, truffle hunting in wooded forests, wine tasting overlooking pictoresque vineyards, private cooking classese and guided tours throughout our medieval town with Sara.

You will arrive at your wedding day relaxed, serene, and certain of your venue choice. With us orchestrating your event like a classic Italian masterpiece, the only thing left for you to do is to enjoy and celebrate your magical day with your closest friends and family.

That’s why getting married in San Miniato in Tuscany is a marvelous idea! 

“Nobody loves a land like its people!”

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Laura Ramerini
Laura Ramerini
Wedding Planner
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Wedding in San Miniato in Tuscany

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It’s possible to have the blessing ceremony directly at the property you choose for the party.







Sala delle
7 Virtù

Getting married in the town hall of San Miniato in Tuscany

Civil Ceremony

San Miniato Town Hall is set right in the center of the village. The external building is lovely, and the hall used for civil ceremonies, called “Sala delle 7 Virtù, is quite charming!

Entering the room you will be immersed in abundant historical decor and detail.

The “Sala delle 7 Virtù” is the the most ancient room of the building and was the room where “12 Defenders of the People” used to govern the “Comune” after Federico II death.

Here you will find  colorful insignia and heraldic coats of arms dating back to the 15th century belonging to the Florentine Vicars and noble families.  You will also find the stunning Virgin Maria who breastfeeds her child surrounded by the theological and cardinal Virtues (which gives the name to the room).
This painting is a work done by Francesco di Ser Cenni commissioned by a vicar belonging to the Florentine Guicciardini family in 1393.
The “7 Virtù” are the theological and cardinal Virtues: caution, justice, temperance, fortress, faith, hope and charityA good omen for couples!

There are approx. 70  modern style chairs and a music system at guests’ disposal.

If your idea of a ceremony is not the town hall, but you still wish to get married civilly, there are 2 beautiful properties where the civil ceremony can be done as well as beautiful grounds!

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70 Modern chairs


Music System

Dolby Surround

Discover the beauties of the Sala delle 7 Virtù

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Hall of the 7 Virtues - San Miniato Town Hall, Tuscany
Hall of the 7 Virtues - San Miniato Town Hall
Hall of the 7 Virtues in San Miniato, Tuscany
Civil Wedding in San Miniato, Tuscany
Civil Wedding in San Miniato, Tuscany
Civil Wedding in San Miniato, Tuscany
Civil Wedding in San Miniato, Tuscany
Civil Wedding in San Miniato, Tuscany
Civil Wedding in San Miniato, Tuscany

Cathedral of
S.Maria Assunta
and San Genesio

Getting married in the Cathedral of San Miniato in Tuscany

Religious Ceremony

The Cathedral of San Miniato stands in piazza del Duomo and is a striking, majestic church.

The façade is made in red bricks and decorated with “salienti”26 ceramic basins with white and blue detail from Tunisia.

If you think the external style is too subdued, upon entering the church you will be astonished by the magnificence of this Cathedral. It has a beautiful shiny black and white marble floor, with the three naves separated by two series of round arches resting on iconic polychrome columns capped by  a richly carved and gilded coffered ceiling, from the 17th century.

If you have always dreamed of a picturesque fairy- tale style church entrance,  this cathedral is exactly  the church for you! 

The external square allows guests to have a taste of the open air while still providing private corners for taking pictures.

Should you prefer a small church in the countryside there are many intimate churches in the area such as the Church of Iacopo and Pietro in Balconevisi or the Sanctuary of the “Madonna dei Bambini” a Cigoli.

XVII Century

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Pipe Organ

Discover the beauties of the Cathedral

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Cathedral of San Miniato
Cathedral of San Miniato Pisa, Tuscany
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and San Genesio in San Miniato

Getting married in San Miniato in Tuscany


Reception venues are plentiful and exquisite, ranging from the Medici Villas to farmhousesresorts with swimming pools, panoramic terracesvineyards, wine cellars and even a beautiful cloister

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Location matrimonio in San Miniato, Tuscany
Civil Wedding in San Miniato, Tuscany
San Miniato wedding reception in Tuscany
Location for weddings in San Miniato, Tuscany
Reception ceremony in San Miniato, Tuscany
Farmhouse for ceremonies in San Miniato, Tuscany
Wedding reception in a villa in San Miniato, Tuscany
Civil wedding in a villa in San Miniato, Tuscany
Wedding reception in a farmhouse in San Miniato, Tuscany
Wedding reception in a Tuscan villa San Miniato
Getting married in San Miniato with swimming pool, Tuscany
Wedding location in a farmhouse with swimming pool in San Miniato, Tuscany

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